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Volume Graphics provide all kinds of analyses and visualisations that can be carried out directly on data from industrial computed tomography (CT).

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VGSTUDIO MAX is the industry leading software for the visualisation and analysis of industrial computed tomography (CT) data.

Ideal for: CT Analysis, Visualisation


VGSTUDIO is widely used not only in the electronics industry, but also for the visualization of data in fields of academic research such as archaeology, geology, and life sciences.

Ideal for: Visualisation


VGMETROLOGY is made for metrologists. The universal metrology solution turns your computed tomography (CT) scanner into a comprehensive and precise metrology device.

Ideal for: Metrology on CT and laser scan data


VGinLINE inspects your parts automatically and non-destructively with industrial computed tomography (CT).

Ideal for: CT Automation


myVGL is perfect for sharing the results of a CT data analysis – whether you receive data, e.g., from your quality lab or a scanning service provider or you want to exchange CT data analysis results with colleagues.

Ideal for: Viewing CT projects

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“I first saw OR3D at a MAC event at the NEC, in Birmingham, when James was holding practical demonstrations. I realised how much easier it would be for us to have our products scanned and then rendered to make 3D models as, with clients across the world, sometimes language can be a barrier. We previously used photographs to advertise our products, but these 3D images are consistent, our products look uniform, and the overall effect is informative and professional. I would certainly recommend OR3D and look forward to using their services again.”

Simon Hanmer (Managing Director of Freddy Products)

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