EasyTomXL CT Scanner

The EasyTomXL is the largest system available from RX Solutions and comes in a range of configurations. The X-Ray inspection machine has a footprint of 2750x1850x2400mm which allows the acquisition of very large samples. The ability to house an X-Ray tube of up to 230kV means thicker and denser samples can also be inspected. In terms of the mechanics, both the imager and the tube can be translated allowing the inspection of even larger parts.

X-Act software is RX-Solutions’ CT scanning software which makes acquisitions easy. Advanced options such as stack, helical, continuous rotation and laminography are all possible on the EasyTomXL.

Key Specifications

  • 3D Micro and Nano tomography
  • Semi-automated wizard for acquisitions
  • Inspection on very large samples
  • Great versatility for a wide variety of applications analysable products
  • Programmable automatic control cycles

Other x-ray inspection machines include the DeskTom and the EasyTom. OR3D also offer x-ray inspection as a service

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EasyTom XL Brochure