Mantis Vision F5-B

Mantis Vision F5-B

The Mantis Vision F5-B hand-held scanner is revolutionising the 3D imaging industry. Mantis Vision develops and produces 3D imaging tools, and content creation software and the F5-B is its flagship product.

This is the only scanner specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of field operational use. Customers from defence, law enforcement and forensics agencies; architecture, engineering and construction companies; automobile manufacturers research and education institutions; oil and gas organisations and 3D service providers, are reaping the benefits of one, small, flexible device for a wide variety of scanning requirements. Small items, car sized objects and complex scenes are captured effortlessly in seconds.

Technical Specifications

3D Resolution Up to 0.5mm
3D Point Accuracy Up to 0.2mm
Working range 0.5 – 4.5 m
Video frame rate 10fps
Exposure time 0.005 – 0.025s
Dimensions 160 x 60 x 330mm
Weight 1.7kg
Power consumption 60W
Interface USB
Calibration Calibration board
Working temperature -10° – 50° C
Data Acquisition Speed 900,000 points/s

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