Mantis Vision F5B-SR

Mantis Vision F5B-SR

The Mantis Vision F5B-SR (Short Range) is the smallest, lightest, professional handheld 3D imager on the market. The F5B-SR spares no detail, with a compact design that allows access to very small, cramped spaces and hard to reach objects. Whether you are digitising the human form, capturing intricate manufacturing components, or documenting a cluttered, detailed crime scene out in the field, the F5B-SR will expand your scanning range and capabilities, in the field and on the move.

On the Move Versatility

A truly mobile 3D scanning solution that offers proven results in any working environment or lighting conditions, the F5B-SR can work alone or as a complimentary tool to Mantis Vision’s F5B to complete the picture in large-scale, complex scenes or objects.

Technical Specifications

3D Resolution Up to 0.25mm
3D Point Accuracy Up to 0.1mm
Working range 0.3 – 1m
Video frame rate 10fps
Exposure time Up to 0.003s
Dimensions 116 x 46 x 168mm
Weight 0.5kg
Power consumption 60W
Interface USB
Calibration Calibration board
Working temperature -10° – 50° C
Data Acquisition Speed 900,000 points/s

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