Mantis Vision F6

The Mantis Vision F6 hand held 3D scanner is the latest and most versatile laser scanner from Mantis Vision. The system, which uses a Class 1 laser, boasts full colour point cloud capture as well a wide field of view (86°). This means that scenes can be captured faster and in greater realistic detail than by other hand held scanning systems on the market. The clean data captured by the device makes it perfect for a range of uses, noise levels are less than 0.5mm at 1m range. As with all Mantis Vision “F” scanners the F6 can be used in all lighting conditions, from complete darkness to bright sunlight.

Mantis Vision F6 Hand Held Scanner Colour 3DThe Mantis Vision F6 has a massive, 86° field of view.

The F6 is incredibly easy to use, the wide field of view coupled with a deep depth of field (0.5 – 4.5m) gives the user more freedom to scan where and how they want. Real time 3D feedback with coverage indication means you simply scan until your object or scene is fully captured, all without requiring reference stickers/artefacts. Capturing 640,000 points/s and a field of view up to 4585 x 6070 mm your scene will be acquired in no time at all. Weighing only 1.4kg and approximately 32cm in length, the F6  is a truly hand-held solution.

Weighing only 1.4kg, scanning is no effort at all.

Multiple Scanner Set Up

Why use one when you can use 16. The F6 can be used in an array of up to 16 systems. These could be set up in a semi permanent arrangement creating a large 3D scanning room with 360 data capture.


  • Industrial Design
    • 3D Printing
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Art and Science
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Computer Graphics
    • Virtual Reality
  • Engineering
    • Maritime
    • Aerospace
    • Oil and Gas
    • Automotive
    • Civils
  • Research and Education
    • Dynamic Scenes
    • Science and Development
  • Forensics
    • Crime Scene Documentation
    • Accident Reconstruction
    • Military Forensics

Key Features

  • Real time 3D feedback with coverage indication
  • High quality scanning data with extremely low noise level
  • Long distance scanning with a wide field of view enables
    • Big objects and large areas to be captured within seconds
    • Robust real time modeling process
  • The most cost effective scanner for field use
  • Full workflow to VR applications


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Need a Demonstration?

OR3D are able to provide on site demonstrations of the F6. We aim to provide a useful demonstration which fits in with your current work flows. For more information please contact us.