Mantis Vision PocketScan 3D

Mantis Vision PocketScan 3D

Superior data quality for professionals; usability and affordability for all

The Mantis Vision PocketScan 3D is the ultimate 3D camera available on today’s market. It is the world’s first prosumer grade 3D pocket scanner. It combines an affordable scanning solution with superior scanning features for professional results. PocketScan 3D quickly, easily and seamlessly captures and creates high resolution and high accuracy full colour 3D scan data.

Its small form factor and ease of use allows both professional and non-professional users to create 3D scans “on the go”. The PocketScan 3D is ideal for automotive, industrial and academic applications, orthotics & prosthetic, building and restoration applications.

Key Features

  • Pocket size
  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy with real time colour preview
  • Natively compatible with laptops and tablets

Technical Specifications

3D Point Accuracy better than 1mm at 0.5m distance,
better than 2mm at 1m distance
Eye safety class laser Class 1
Working range 0.25 – 1m
Video frame rate 10fps – 30fps
Exposure time 0.005 – 0.042 s
Dimensions 120 x 60 x 30mm
Weight 0.25g
Power consumption 3W
Interface USB 3.0
Working temperature 10° to 30° C
Points/s 600,000

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