Omnitrac 2

Omnitrac 2

The Omnitrac 2 (OT2) is a small, light and easy to use laser tracker. This tracker has no external controller, has the option to be completely wireless and is rugged whilst still being small and light. These features set it apart from all other laser trackers on the market.

The OT2 can also be used with API accessories such as the Active Target and the VProbe.


  • The OT2 has been designed with a high-accuracy and high-speed Absolute Distance Measurement laser that enables rapid beam re-acquisition
  • Built-in WiFi – Reduce set up time and eliminate cables with the integrated WiFi
  • 100M Range
  • Mountable in any orientation
  • Built-in battery gives 5 hours of unplugged operation
  • Built-in Camera with Auto-lock – The OT2 will quickly recapture a lost beam and permit seamless measurement
  • Level to Gravity
  • 10 Kg Weight
  • Links to Active Target and VProbe
  • Single, rolling carrying holds tracker and all accessories

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Omnitrac 2 Brochure

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