Mobile Scanning Pack

Mobile Scanning Pack

The Mobile Scanning Pack, exclusively available from OR3D, is a solution, specifically designed to bring increased portability to the Mantis Vision F6 Smart and other handheld scanners. The system can be purchased as a bundle with a scanner or purchased separately at any time.

The Mobile Scanning Pack comes with a chest mount and head mounted display. The combination of these two systems allows the user to continue scanning without the need to carry a tablet or laptop in their non scanning hand. The eye piece means you can keep track of your data capture while still being able to concentrate on safety and the environment around you.

The Chest Harness

The chest harness is a comfortable, easy access holder for your tablet or laptop. The harness can be opened and closed as needed to provide access to the computer. While scanning, the harness is closed and the user keeps track of the display through the Head Mounted Display.

The Head Mounted Display

The Head Mounted Display (HMD) is a light weight and comfortable solution which brings the screen of your computer right in front of your eyes. The computer itself is safely stowed away in the Chest Harness. The ability to view your tablet’s screen through the HMD allows the user to keep track of data capture while still being able to focus on other external factors which could impact on the user’s safety.

The Mobile Scanning Pack is available to order from OR3D today. For more information please contact us.

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