DICOM-to-PRINT is the industry leading software for the reconstruction and segmentation of DICOM data from CT, CBCT and MRI data. Export into Geomagic Freeform Plus for downstream processing.

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  • Import DICOM data from MRI, CT and CBCT sources
  • Modular licencing lets you pay for the tools you need
  • Automated and semi automatic tools make segmentation fast and repeatable
  • Fully approved for medical use
  • Fully manage patient data with easy to use organisation tools



DICOM-to-PRINT is intuitive to use and combined with it's automated tools we will get you fully trained during our one day course. Online or onsite training is available.


  • Full familiarisation with software interface
  • Practice with traditional segmentation techniques
  • Advanced automated workflows
  • Working with masks and meshes
  • Managing patient data
  • Exporting data to Geomagic Freeform Plus



We have extensive experience using D2P as well as providing formal training so we are well placed to help.

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