Mantis Vision Training

Mantis Vision

As the UK’s main Mantis Vision reseller we deliver training on the use of the Mantis Vision F6 series of handheld scanners. We provide a dedicated in-house training facility or alternatively, we offer on-site training. With a wealth of experience, we work with the client to produce best practice and tailored workflows to suit their needs.

Mantis Vision Training

Training for both the F6 Smart and F6 Smart SR can be delivered in a single day. This will cover the theory behind scanning as well as the best techniques to capture high quality data with both the software and hardware.

Basic Training: One Day

This course is designed to provide a basic knowledge to be able to use the scanner.

  • Over view of Mantis Vision and the Technology
  • Scanning Technique
  • Data Capture
  • Data Processing
  • Scanning Practice

If you require Mantis Vision training, please contact us.

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