VGMETROLOGY - Software ExampleVGMETROLOGY is made for metrologists. Our universal metrology solution turns your computed tomography (CT) scanner into a comprehensive and precise metrology device.

Key Features:

  • Full-featured. VGMETROLOGY offers you the full metrology-related functionality of VGSTUDIO MAX including GD&T functionality.
  • Uncompromisingly accurate. VGMETROLOGY gives you the complete picture of all object surfaces – and saves it in the very compact .mvgl format.
  • Universal. VGMETROLOGY works natively on voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD data.
  • Easy-to-use. The focused range of functionality makes VGMETROLOGY easily accessible for new users.
  • Seamless. You can exchange files between VGMETROLOGY and other Volume Graphics products of the same generation.
  • Affordable. VGMETROLOGY costs significantly less than a comparably equipped VGSTUDIO MAX.

The Volume Graphics Metrology Kernel in VGMETROLOGY (Windows 64 bit) has been verified by the Physikalisch- Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).*

*PTB (Germany’s national metrology institute) tested the algorithms based on the minimum-zone method (“Chebyshev”) and on the least-squares method (“Gauss”). These algorithms are used for coordinate measurement in VGMETROLOGY.



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