Capture detailed data and documentation of historical and cultural structures or sites.

OR3D GEO Heritage

Utilising advanced photogrammetry techniques, OR3D GEO capture high-resolution 3D models and orthophoto maps of historical and cultural structures or sites, to assist in preserving their architectural and spatial characteristics.

Service Overview:

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Benefits of Heritage Inspection

Cultural Preservation

Historical and cultural structures or sites are tangible links to our past, representing the traditions, values, and experiences of previous generations.

Educational Resources

Detailed documentation provides valuable educational resources for researchers, historians, educators, and the general public, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our shared heritage.


Architectural and Artistic Significance

Historical and cultural structures often exhibit unique architectural styles, craftsmanship, and artistic expressions that are worthy of documentation and study.

Community Identity

These landmarks contribute to the identity and sense of place of our communities, serving as symbols of pride and connection for residents.

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