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Infrastructure Scanning

OR3D has considerable experience in civil surveying, providing a turnkey solution for your large infrastructure projects. Whether it is tunnels, bridges, mines or dams, we have the capability to provide a range of deliverables from 3D CAD design, inspection reports, computer visualisations or simulations.

Handheld Scanning Solutions - PIX4D viDoc RTK Rover

With the PIX4D viDoc RTK Rover handheld device, users can achieve centimeter-level accuracy in terrestrial mapping projects, making it suitable for applications such as surveying, infrastructure inspection, architectural documentation, and more.

Aerial Mapping and Inspection

With a fleet of drones we are able to provide orthomosaic imagery, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Surface Model (DTM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for your 3D project. Utilising our high resolution cameras we offer visual asset inspections of your bridges, masts and wind turbines.

Survey Solutions

With a team of experienced surveyors and the latest survey instruments. We offer a range of survey services from reverse engineering to As Is condition surveys, georeferenced models, Building Information Modelling (BIM), simulations, flood analysis.

Remote Confined Area Inspections

With our LiDAR (3D Laser scanner) equipped inspection drone OR3D GEO are able to penetrate high risk confined areas without risking human entry. With a range of sensors that include thermal and high resolution cameras and high powered lighting, we can capture the data you need in complete darkness.

Metrology in the Survey World

We offer Laser Trackers and portable Coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) to gather sub mm accuracy for any high accuracy data that you may require within your project.

Broad Expertise

Our team of professionals possesses a wide range of expertise in various areas of civil surveying and inspection, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your project needs.

Large Range of Equipment

We have an extensive inventory of advanced surveying and measurement equipment, allowing us to tackle projects of any scale and complexity with precision and efficiency.

Metrology Grade Projects

Our focus on metrology-grade projects ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability in delivering precise measurements and data for your critical applications.

Still Unsure?

If you have any doubts or questions about our services, our knowledgeable team is here to provide guidance and assist you in finding the right solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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Survey Services

Reverse Engineering

Converting 3D Scan data to CAD

Digital Twin

Creating digital twins for collaborative working


Thermal expansion, monitoring and other geometrical checks

Flood Modelling

Generate flood risk information


Visualise structures and infrastructure projects

Mobile Mapping

Capturing data without road or rail closures

Looking for Industry Specific Applications?

OR3D works with all sectors possessing extensive knowledge across numerous applications.

Oil and Gas

In situations where spaces are hazardous or challenging to access, the implementation of a digital twin allows for remote and collaborative work. Our as-built models not only incorporate precise dimensions but also feature high-resolution imagery, ensuring that our project deliverables are maximally useful and informative.


We combine precise scan data with high-resolution imagery to create accurate 3D representations of buildings, spaces, and objects. Our deliverables ensure that these assets are preserved for future generations.

Confined Space Inspection

Utilising our specialised equipment, including drones specifically designed for confined spaces, we can conduct precise and safe inspections. By leveraging advanced drone technology and adhering to stringent safety standards, we gather accurate data and thoroughly assess confined spaces for dimensional, visual and thermal information.


Using our drones and medium-range scanners, we are able to scan bridges and other assets, collecting accurate imagery and scan data. With a model reverse-engineered from the scan data, we can conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection.

Renders and Animation

Renders and animations of CAD models play a vital role in enhancing design communication, facilitating decision-making, supporting marketing efforts, and improving project visualisation. These visual representations bring designs to life, enabling stakeholders to grasp the essence of the project, anticipate outcomes, and collaborate effectively throughout the design and development process.

Coastal and Docks

Using advanced 3D scanning technology, we can capture precise data of infrastructures such as this swing bridge, allowing us to reconstruct intricate details with exceptional accuracy. Leveraging our expertise in reverse engineering, we transformed this scan data into a comprehensive 3D assembly model. This enables us to simulate and analyse collision scenarios during the swinging motion.

Tunnel and Mining

With a history of scanning underground, OR3D have the expertise and equipment to ensure tunnel and mining projects are completed quickly, accurately and safely.

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