3D Inspection

We are able to provide 3D inspection reports which are used for quality assurance purposes.


The use of scanning or probing manufactured components can verify the accuracy of the finished product. It can be analysed in several ways to speed up current inspection workflow but also allows more complex analysis to be done. These include:

  • 3D Compare (Colour map)
  • 3D Dimensions
  • 2D Compare (Cross sections showing deviation)
  • Boundary deviation (For outer shape, trim line and holes cut in material such as sheet metal)
  • Silhouette Deviation
  • Geometry Deviation
  • Deviation Location/ Dent Inspection
  • Airfoil Analysis
  • 2D Twist Analysis
  • 2D and 3D Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

The usual deliverable to the client is in the form of a PDF report, including a 3D page where you can view the deviation in an interactive viewer.

For smaller parts we can use a range of technologies (Laser, Structured Light or CT) providing accuracies suitable for the application. For larger parts that cannot be moved, such a tooling, jigs or large installations, we use portable solutions (Portable CMM, Laser Tracker) to inspect in situ.

The laser tracker is commonly used to inspect geometry of larger components. With accuracies of 5µm/m, it is perfect to check alignment, layout or geometric tolerances of objects ranging in size up to 160m from a single position. For layouts of equipment on a larger scale, the laser tracker can be moved to multiple positions to take measurements where the range needs to be extended or line of sight is obstructed.

Inspection reports may also be created from long range scan data. Deviation is calculated from a CAD nominal or previous base line scan data.

Interactive Model

Use the tool below to learn more about a 3D comparison between scan data and a CAD nominal.

OR3D provide routine inspection services for clients as well as less frequent inspections when component productions are run. Our 3D consultancy can support your company should you like to invest in the equipment and software needed to carry out the inspections in-house, providing state of the art equipment with bespoke training packages to suit all your needs.

Examples of equipment and software we sell which may be used for inspection are below:

API Laser Tracker

Geomagic Control X – Inspection Software

Geomagic Capture – Desktop Scanner

Surphaser 400 – Laser Scanner

Demo Inspection Report

The report below gives a basic example of an inspection in Geomagic Control X.

This service is available at Bristol, Chirk or at the client’s location. To find out more about Inspection Services, please contact us.

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