Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Using Geomagic Design X we are able to provide reverse engineering services creating CAD models of damaged or worn parts by extracting the design intent.

3D scanning is the fastest way to collect real world data and create a CAD model. It is this CAD model that is required for further design or manufacture.Reverse Engineering Design X

Step 1- 3D Scanning

We use a range of 3D scanning technologies to capture millions of points that describe the geometric properties of the object. The raw scan data is referred to as a “Point Cloud” which can be used for taking dimensions. This data set can be used in inspection reports or as a guide for creating a CAD model.

Step 2- Creating a mesh model

Unless the project calls for the model to be created from the point cloud, the next step is to create a mesh model. This is done by connecting the points making triangular faces. Like the point cloud, the mesh can be used for inspection or taking dimensions. It is the mesh model that is normally used as a guide to create a CAD model. Features such as embossed text or even dents can be taken out of the mesh and basic geometry can be extracted to be used as a guide that speeds up the modelling process.

Step 3- Creating a CAD model

Using the mesh or point cloud as a guide, we create a CAD model which may be used in your existing CAD packages. The accuracy of the CAD model is checked against the initial scan data ensuring an accurate representation of the part.

It is during this stage of creating a CAD model from the mesh that any damage or imperfections are taken out which may be affecting the real part, or we can simply change the design to fit the client’s specifications. Should the client also require an “As Is” representation of the part, this can also be accommodated.


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