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We have a range of scanners that enable us to accurately scan small objects like jewellery and large objects like bridges or landscape.

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Why do we use 3D scanning?

3D scanning services are offered as a fast and accurate way of digitising physical objects for use in design, inspection and visualisation. The use of 3D scanners can be applied to almost any product or structure to accurately capture the physical shape and dimensions. We are able to offer the right solution for your 3D project using a range of scanners, offering varying accuracies, resolutions and capture speed. Therefore we can break projects down to the following categories.

What is CT (Computed Tomography) Scanning?

CT-Scanning is the acquisition of an object by use of an x-ray inspection machine. CT scanning has two main advantages over traditional laser or structured light scanning.

The first is the ability to collect incredibly accurate data with point spacing achievable in the single figure micron range. The second and more important is that it can inspect the internals of a part which are not possible to inspect with any other device. Non-destructive testing insures a more reliable and information rich inspection report. Additional benefits are the ability to inspect porosities, fibre analysis and cracks.

When do we use CT Scanning?

  • Capture internal details
  • Very high resolution
  • Unaffected by transparent materials

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Short Range 3D Scanning

This is how we describe scanning objects or components up to the size of a car, and is done with a portable CMM, structured light system or handheld scanner, depending on the requirements.

The advantage of using these systems is that we can capture the objects with a much higher resolution and accuracy than is achievable with the long range scanners which are often used in surveys.

When do we use Short Range 3D Scanning?

The typical accuracy we can achieve with this these systems is around 60 microns (0.06mm). This makes it very well suited for reverse engineering or inspection of engineered components, but it also used on larger objects such as vehicles where the increased accuracy and definition in the scan is required.

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Large Volume Metrology

Using the latest Surphaser laser scanner, we can scan larger objects with submillimetre accuracy.

The scanner gives us the ability to scan the objects quicker than using the portable CMM whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy, it also offers the flexibility of being able to scan from a distance.

The scanner has a working range of up to 110m, although we typically scan from under 50m from an object. This gives us a higher point density enabling us to capture smaller details with submillimetre accuracy.

When do we use Large Volume Metrology?

The scanner also captures colour allowing us to provide coloured scan data.

Large volume scanning is useful for:

  • Entire vehicles or larger panels
  • Aircraft
  • Building Facades with high details
  • Large historical artefacts

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Long Range 3D Scanning

Long-range scanning is the process of making measurements at a distance using long-range laser scanning equipment with features like HDR imaging to capture large indoor or outdoor environments. This data is captured as measurable 3 dimensional data.

When do we use Long Range 3D Scanning?

  • Used for scanning large objects
  • Creating detailed surveys
  • Inspection for civil engineering projects
  • Plant refits
  • Monitoring of topography or structures

This service is available at the Chirk office or at the client’s location. To find out more about 3D scanning services, please contact us.

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