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The revolutionary Swivelcheck from Automated Precision Inc. (API) is a one-of-a-kind instrument used to measure rotary axes and tables. This instrument calibrates swivel axes and tilt tables on machine tool centres; evaluates vertical rotary axes and table performance; and measures horizontal tables and axes when used with API’s XD Laser.

So How Does It Work?

The Swivelcheck utilises a servo-driven motor in conjunction with an electronic level and a precision rotary encoder. Once set up, the system is capable of running in automated or manual modes. It has been designed with ease of use, efficiency, and accuracy in mind and is the rotary axis instrument of choice for professional machinists.

  • Features of the API-Exclusive Swivelcheck
  • Rotary and vertical measurement from a single setup
  • Automated or manual axis measurement
  • Zero anywhere functionality for efficient measurement
  • Able to mount off-axis for easy setup
  • vEthernet communication
  • Fully portable
  • Highly accurate

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Swivelcheck brochure

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