Virtual Reality Solutions

OR3D offers portable, immersive environments known as power walls. The solution which can be taken onto a client’s site and set up inside most offices will allow the user to view their scan / CAD data on a 3m x 2m rear projected screen in full 3D. With the addition of body tracking technology, the user will be able to walk around their environment at 1 to 1 scale and become fully immersed.

With a full physics engine, users will be able to perform simulated builds to check for clash detection and human ergonomic analysis studies.

The Power Wall allows 3D data to be presented to a range of stakeholders for engineering analysis in a unique and highly informative format.

The technology has already been proven out in many Multinational companies and now OR3D now brings the solution as part of project or hired in services at an affordable and cost affective price.

Whether it be showcasing in a trade fair or deploying on site, OR3D’s immersive environment is economical, robust and compact for all industry sectors.

To find out more about our virtual reality solution, please contact us.