• What can we laser scan?
    We are able to scan objects of any size from the smallest mechanical parts to whole buildings.
  • What accuracy can the laser scanner achieve?
    Using the sub-millimetre scanner we are able to capture the geometry to an accuracy of +-0.06mm. When scanning large objects, we can achieve +-2mm
  • What do we get from the laser scan?
    The laser scanner captures the relief of the object scanned, picking up thousands of points per second. All of the points created are each registered relative to an origin and when combined create a point cloud.
    The point cloud is only the first step in creating a CAD model, it is then meshed which acts as a guide for the design process.
    The point cloud produced can be used for inspection purposes providing we already have the CAD data.
  • What can’t you scan?
    Laser scanning relies on reflected laser light, this means all the scanning is line of sight. The scanning device can be moved to capture an object from several angles to fill any shadows, but it is not possible to capture the internal features of an object.
  • What is a CAD model?
    CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. CAD models are the finished product in a design process, they are virtual models of the object which is used for 3D Printing, recording a digital record of a design, re-design or manufacture.
  • Are you able to work with data I provide you?
    Yes, if you have previously had your product scanned or own a laser scanner, we are able to work from a point cloud or mesh data provided to us by yourselves to create a CAD model.
  • What file formats do you supply?
    We are able to supply you with CAD or Mesh models in a variety of formats. We prefer to supply the ‘dumb’ CAD model as a Parasolid format but we can also use IGES or STEP as other generic formats.
    If you require an ‘intelligent’ feature based native SolidWorks file we can also deliver a model with the full history tree.

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