Haptic Technologies

Physically feel virtual objects and surfaces, enabling more intuitive and immersive digital design experiences.

Haptic Technologies

Haptic Technology refers to the use of touch feedback to interact with computer applications. Geomagic’s Haptic Devices allow users to physically feel virtual objects and surfaces, enabling more intuitive and immersive digital design experiences.

Geomagic’s Haptic Devices typically consist of a stylus or tool connected to a robotic arm. These devices use force feedback mechanisms to simulate the sensation of touch, allowing users to “feel” the virtual objects they are manipulating. This tactile feedback enhances the precision and realism of digital sculpting and modelling workflows, making it easier for designers, engineers, and artists to create complex shapes and surfaces.

What are Geomagic Haptic Devices typically used for?


Freeform allows users to create organic shapes and intricate details in a virtual environment. It provides tools for digital sculpting, modelling, and surfacing, enabling artists and designers to create complex 3D models with ease. When used in conjunction with Haptic Devices like the Geomagic Touch X, Freeform enhances the design process by providing tactile feedback, allowing users to physically feel the surfaces of their digital models as they manipulate them.

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