CT (Computed Tomography) Scanning

OR3D offer CT scanning services. CT (Computed Tomography) is the collection of 2D X-Ray slices that are combined to provide a complete 3D dataset. The CT scanner allows the collection of extremely accurate and high resolution (0.25 micron) scan data. This enables the inspection and reverse engineering of very small and highly detailed components or components where surface scanning technologies cannot capture geometry.

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This technique uses X-Ray technology enabling NDT (Non Destructive Testing) of part assembles or multi material components. Additional analysis such as porosity checks within castings or plastic injected mouldings offer additional insight.

If you have any questions or think that CT scanning may solve a problem you have, then please contact us. Types of CT Scanning include…

Porosity / Inclusion Analysis

A porosity is usually an air gap or bubble within a part. Porosities are often unwanted and found commonly in injection moulded or cast parts. A porosity can often be seen as a dark area on a CT slice.

Nominal Actual Comparison

A nominal actual comparison, sometimes referred to as a 3D compare, is a way of showing and analysing the differences between a reference and a measured object.

Foam Structure Analysis

A foam structure analysis is used to better understand and visualise a foam like structure. It can be used to analyse the cell shape, size and distribution as well as the struts which separate the cells.

Computed Tomography Segmentation

Segmentation is the process of virtually separating different parts or materials from a CT (computed tomography) scan.

Wall Thickness Analysis

After an accurate surface has been determined, it is possible to calculate the localised wall thickness on part. A wall thickness can be calculated on mesh and volume objects.

CT Video Library

The CT videos on this page demonstrate some of the capability of industrial computed tomography (CT).

CT Video Library

The CT videos on this page demonstrate some of the capability of industrial computed tomography (CT).

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“I first saw OR3D at a MAC event at the NEC, in Birmingham, when James was holding practical demonstrations. I realised how much easier it would be for us to have our products scanned and then rendered to make 3D models as, with clients across the world, sometimes language can be a barrier. We previously used photographs to advertise our products, but these 3D images are consistent, our products look uniform, and the overall effect is informative and professional. I would certainly recommend OR3D and look forward to using their services again.”

Simon Hanmer (Managing Director of Freddy Products)

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