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Digitise reality and measure from images taken from planes, drones, phones, or any other camera.

Handheld Scanning Solutions and Software from PIX4D

OR3D is proud to be partnered with PIX4D to present their software and handheld scanning device PIX4Dcatch. PIX4D is a market leader in photogrammetry software technology. Their products enable you to digitise reality and measure from images taken from planes, drones, phones, or any camera. It revolutionises photogrammetry enabling you to scale up and unleash the power of your imagery.

As a UK partner, OR3D actively promote PIX4Dcatch to our clients for use in construction, agriculture, civil engineering, surveying and mapping and architecture. Synchronised with Pix4Dcatch,  it geotags images with RTK accuracy in real-time while connected to any NTRIP service, allowing absolute accuracy in 3D photogrammetric scanning.

PIX4Dcatch is compatible with selected iPhone and Android devices, providing flexibility and convenience for users who already possess these devices.

Software Solutions from PIX4D

The benefits of accurate surveying from your mobile device

Georeferenced 3D scanning

PIX4Dcatch can create detailed and georeferenced 3D models using both photogrammetry and LiDAR technology from your smartphone.

Versatile processing options

Flexible solutions for processing, including direct upload to PIX4Dcloud for easy processing and/or export to PIX4Dmatic for advanced control.

Innovative AR features

Use AR to easily detect GCPs and see as-built and CAD design overlays for construction analysis.

RTK compatibility

Achieve absolute centimeter accuracy in your 3D models with PIX4Dcatch and RTK.

The New PIX4Dcatch 2.0 Is Available Now!

Contact OR3D GEO, UK partner to PIX4D for more information.

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