As an authorised Pix4D UK reseller, OR3D are proud to introduce the viDoc RTK Rover as a fast, simple, and affordable onsite handheld scanning solution compatible with selected iPhone and Android devices to quickly capture and process 3D scans on-site.

viDoc RTK Rover

The Rover, synchronised with Pix4Dcatch, geotags images with RTK accuracy in real-time while connected to any NTRIP service, allowing absolute accuracy in 3D photogrammetric scanning.


Key features and benefits:

Portability: A handheld solution, making it easy to carry and use on-site without the need for complex setup or bulky equipment.

RTK Capability: Real-time kinematic (RTK) technology, enabling high-precision positioning and accurate measurements, allowing users to achieve detailed and accurate 3D scans.

Compatibility: ViDoc RTK Rover is compatible with selected iPhone and Android devices, providing flexibility and convenience for users who already possess these devices.

Ease of Use: Simplicity to quickly capture and process 3D scans on-site, reducing the time and effort required for data collection.

Affordability: An affordable option for onsite handheld scanning, making it accessible to a wider range of users or organisations.

Supported Devices

The PIX4Dcatch RTK workflow with viDoc is specially designed for selected iOS devices equipped with LiDAR sensors (iPhones Pro and iPads), but also works with other iOS and Android models.


Integration with Pix4Dcatch Software

viDoc RTK Rover seamlessly integrates with Pix4D's software solutions to streamline the data processing and analysis workflows.

Enhanced mobile data collection

By leveraging the capabilities of the viDoc RTK Rover, users can benefit from improved accuracy and efficiency in their data collection processes.

Simplify and streamline

By leveraging the RTK accuracy and real-time geotagging capabilities of the viDoc RTK Rover, users can achieve precise and accurate positioning of their captured images without the need for extensive manual intervention or additional post-processing steps.

User Friendly structure

Easy for anyone to collect points or complete an accurate 3D scan.

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