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OR3D is the first and only UK authorised training provider for Volume Graphics including their VGStudio Max Local Training course. As an authorised training provider, OR3D has met the requirements from Volume Graphics to deliver high-quality training on their specialist software.

20th July 2023
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The VGStudio Max Local Training two day course is designed to provide beginners with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in using VGStudio Max; a powerful software for CT data analysis. It is widely used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and more, for visualising and analysing CT data.

With our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Volume Graphics, our instructors can guide participants through training materials, answer questions, provide practical tips, and help learners make the most of the software’s capabilities.

What to expect:

  • Basic CT Knowledge – how CT scanners work and how the data is captured.
  • User Interface – Learn how to navigate around the software, saving and loading projects and useful keyboard shortcuts.
  • Surface Determination – learn how to use various algorithms to create a surface on the scan. The Surface Determination is then used to do additional work on the data set.
  • Geometry – How dimensioning works within VG, and how to add tolerances and registration.
  • Analysis – There is a lot of analysis functionality in Volume Graphics, this course will cover the most common analysis tools – Wall Thickness, Nominal/Actual and Porosity/inclusion analysis.
  • Segmentation and Visualisation – Learn how to use the Segmentation tools to create ROI’s in your dataset. Use the Rendering tools to help visualise your scans.
  • Additional Topics – How to use the most common features inside VG, such as creating saved positions with the Bookmarking tool. Exporting images and creating reports to send to colleagues or clients.
  • Individual Workflows – Working on your own data sets and addressing your individual topics and questions.

Course Location

The course can be held at our specialist CT service centre or your own offices.

For availability and more information visit or3d.co.uk/the-ct-centre/volume-graphics/vgstudio-uk-training/ or call us on 01691 777 774.

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