X-Ray Inspection for Composite Materials and Fibres

Exploring Composite Components

16th March 2023
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Not too long ago composite materials such as carbon fibre were reserved for large expensive industries such as aerospace, automotive and naval. As composite materials became cheaper to produce and more readily available they are appearing in a wider range of products.

A computed tomograph generated with an x-ray inspection machine is the only way to see within your part. For parts made from complex materials such as composites this is especially important as these fail in potentially unpredictable ways. Using computed tomography we can look into the part and analyse everything from internal and external dimensions through to the direction of fibres within a sample.

Fibre reconstruction

Structural Analysis

Industrial CT systems can capture data with a very high level of detail. Down to single figure micron resolutions are not unreasonable. This allows the inspection of the smallest internal and external structures.

Alignment of fine gravel for structural analysis

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