Wing Suits and Laser Scanning Feature on BBC

Mantis Vision F5-B Features on BBC

Tonight (23/06/2017) at 7:30pm on BBC 1 South, OR3D will be shown using the Mantis Vision F5-B laser scanner in conjunction with the University of Southampton and Project Icarus.

The aim of the project is to make wing suits safer. To do this OR3D have been creating CAD models of wing suits in flight using the Mantis Vision F5-B. The CAD models were then used by the University team to better understand the aerodynamics of the wing suit under flight conditions. Ultimately the data would be used to create the best wing suit possible.

Scanning in the R J Mitchell wind tunnel was a new challenge for laser scanning but the Mantis Vision F5-B was at home in the harsh and dynamic environment and collected clean point cloud data ready for modelling by OR3D.

Watch the episode here

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