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Sculpt digital models with a level of freedom and precision.

Create customised products in the arts and entertainment industry

Freeform software, particularly Freeform modelling software like Geomagic Freeform, is incredibly versatile and finds applications in various fields within arts and entertainment. Here’s how it can be utilised:

  1. Digital Sculpting and Character Design: Freeform software allows artists to sculpt digital models with a level of freedom and precision similar to traditional sculpting techniques. In the entertainment industry, this is invaluable for creating characters, creatures, and props for movies, animation, video games, and other media.
  2. Prop Design and Prototyping: Freeform modelling software is commonly used for designing and prototyping props and set pieces for film, theatre, and themed entertainment. Artists can quickly iterate designs and create detailed digital models that can be 3D printed or manufactured using other rapid prototyping techniques.
  3. Costume and Fashion Design: Fashion designers and costume makers utilise Freeform software to design intricate and customised garments, accessories, and jewellery. The software’s sculpting and modelling capabilities enable designers to create complex organic shapes and textures, pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion design.
  4. Digital Effects and Visualisations: Freeform modelling is often used in conjunction with other software tools to create digital effects and visualizations for film, TV, and advertising. Artists can sculpt and manipulate digital models to achieve desired visual effects, such as realistic landscapes, creatures, or special effects elements.

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