Geomagic Control X Training

Geomagic Control X Training

Geomagic Control X Training is over two days and covers the basic workflows and skills to utilise the software, from scanning the component to creating the inspection report.

Day 1 looks at the user interface, editing data, alignments and analysis.

Day 2 takes you through a complete workflow using your data, setting up a custom workflows and report templates.

Geomagic Control X inspection software is used to inspect CAD models against scan data and is often used by a range of sectors including Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Medical.

The training covers:

  • Working with Point Clouds
  • Working with Mesh Data
  • Reference or Feature Geometry
  • Alignment
  • Analysis
  • Report Generation
  • Automation

If you require Geomagic Control X training, please contact us.

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