Mantis Vision F6-SR

Mantis Vision F6-SR

The short range version of the F6 Smart scanner is here. This system is designed specifically for the accurate capture of small components with lots of detail. Using the same technology as the F6, the F6-SR is capable of capturing object detail extremely quickly with no external reference markers.

The scanner compliments most industry sectors due to its ease of use, speed of capture and versatility, enabling it to be used in a diverse range of conditions.

Key Industry Applications

  • Automotive and Marine
  • Architecture, Engineering, Construction
  • Forensics
  • Education and Research
  • Aviation
  • Designers
  • Art
  • VR, Game design and special effects.

System Benefits

  • Portable and Light Weight
  • Not limited to small objects
  • Accurate and fast
  • IR light for operation in a range of lighting conditions
  • No scene preparation necessary
  • Accessibility to hard-to-reach places
  • Hot shoe connection for
    • Wireless synchronisation of multiple F6 devices for dynamic motion capture
    • Flash light
  • User friendly software (Echo)


Mantis Vision F6-SR Smart Brochure

Need a Demonstration?

OR3D are able to provide on site demonstrations of the F6-SR Smart. We aim to provide a useful demonstration which fits in with your current work flows. For more information please contact us.

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