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Advanced Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Freeform by Oqton is a powerful software platform designed to streamline and optimise manufacturing processes through advanced automation and artificial intelligence. There are several ways dentists can potentially utilise Freeform:

  1. Custom Dental Prosthetics Design: Dentists can leverage Freeform’s CAD capabilities to design custom dental prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. The software’s intuitive interface and advanced tools can help dentists create precise and patient-specific designs.
  2. Digital Impressions Integration: Freeform may integrate with digital impression systems commonly used in modern dentistry. Dentists can import digital scans of patients’ teeth and use Freeform’s tools to design restorations directly from these scans, improving accuracy and efficiency compared to traditional impression methods.
  3. 3D Printing Optimisation: Many dental practices now utilise 3D printing technology to fabricate dental prosthetics. Freeform can optimize the design files for 3D printing, ensuring efficient use of materials and minimising print time while maintaining quality.
  4. Workflow Automation: Freeform’s automation capabilities can streamline various aspects of the dental prosthetics manufacturing process, from design to fabrication. Dentists can automate repetitive tasks, such as model preparation and support generation for 3D printing, saving time and reducing errors.

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