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The EasyTom S from Rx Solutions is a compact and flexible CT scanner, designed for those new to CT due to its low maintenance and innate user interface.

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Compact Design

The EasyTom S has a small footprint compared to its scanning volume making it exceptionally large for a system in its class.

Sealed Tube

With the integration of Hamamatsu sealed tubes, users have an extremely reliable system, requiring little to no maintenance and a stable X-ray source providing high quality radiographs.

Flexible Options

The configuration of the scanner can be customised, allowing various X-ray generators to be installed and the fitting of additional equipment such as a filter changer or sample loader.

X-Act Software

X-Act software is used for both acquisition and reconstruction, this is included with the CT scanning system.

Multiple Acquisition Techniques

All software related features are included with X-Act. This includes multiple acquisition techniques as well as various image correction tools during reconstruction.

Automated Scanning

Scan multiple parts with a single setup, running through the day, night or weekends with macro or scripted based programming.

X-Act – All-In-One-Software

X-Act has a full interface for inspecting your samples precisely, removing the complexity and uncertainly from CT scanning. It is also an advanced solution with a wide range of scanning strategies to provide the best possible outcomes, regardless of your application.

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Dedicated UK Support

OR3D is the dedicated UK support team for RX Solutions’, the high-end Industrial X-ray CT Systems and Services provider. OR3D provide telephone and onsite support as well as annual services on your system.

Increased Capacity

Our dedicated CT Centre provides you with all the capacity you need to ensure your QA team get the results they need, when they need them.

Ultimate reliability

With the sealed tube minimising any ongoing maintenance, the EasyTom S provides maximum reliability for each scan.

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The partnership of OR3D and Rx Solutions brings together industry leading technology and local experts to guide you through the process of onboarding CT in your business.

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