Wall Thickness Analysis

A technique that uses CT scanning to measure the thickness of the walls or shells of an object.

What is wall thickness analysis?

Wall thickness analysis is a technique that uses CT scanning to measure the thickness of the walls or shells of an object. Wall thickness analysis can be used to evaluate the quality, uniformity, and stability of an object, and detect any thinning, deformation, or cracking of its walls. Wall thickness analysis can be applied to various objects, such as pipes, bottles, cans, casings, or shells, and can help improve their design and manufacturing process.

Visualising Wall Thickness Analysis

Like a nominal actual comparison, a wall thickness analysis is typically displayed as a colour map on the surface of the part. It is then possible to see at any point what the calculated wall thickness is in that area.
While viewing the 2D slices a whisker plot which represents the wall thickness is visible.

Discover the Benefits of Wall Thickness Analysis

Product Quality Assurance

By analysing the thickness distribution across surfaces and features, manufacturers can identify variations, thin spots, or excessive thicknesses that may compromise product performance or durability.

Material Optimisation

Wall thickness analysis helps optimize material usage and minimize waste in manufacturing processes.

Structural Integrity Assessment

Wall thickness analysis is crucial for assessing the structural integrity and safety of engineered structures and components.


Design Verification and Optimisation

Wall thickness analysis verifies the accuracy and effectiveness of product designs and prototypes.

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