Computed Tomography Segmentation

Isolate and analyse specific parts of an object.

What is Computed Tomography Segmentation?

Computed tomography (CT) segmentation is a technique that uses CT scanning to separate an object into different regions or components based on their physical or chemical properties. CT segmentation can be used to isolate and analyse specific parts of an object, such as its internal structure, defects, or material composition. CT segmentation can also be used to create 3D models of an object’s surface or volume, which can be further processed for various applications, such as reverse engineering, finite element analysis, or 3D printing.

Visual Segmentation

Visual segmentation is a technique that uses CT scanning to create a graphical representation of the different regions or components of an object. Visualising the segmentation can help to inspect and compare the object’s features, such as its surface, volume, shape, or defects. Visualising the segmentation can also help to communicate and present the results of the CT analysis in an intuitive and effective way. This can be done in various ways, such as using different colours, textures, transparency levels, or cross-sections, to highlight the desired aspects of the object. OR3D CT can customise the visualisation according to the customer’s preferences.

Discover the Benefits of Computed Tomography Segmentation

Industrial Inspection and Quality Control

In manufacturing and industrial settings, CT segmentation helps analyse the internal structure and defects of materials and components.


Material Science and Research

CT segmentation is valuable in material science research for characterising the microstructure and properties of materials.

Geological and Environmental Studies

In geology and environmental science, CT segmentation helps analyse geological samples and environmental samples such as rocks, soil, and sediments.

Non-Destructive Testing and Forensic Analysis

CT segmentation is used in non-destructive testing and forensic analysis to inspect and analyse materials and forensic evidence.

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