Foam Structure Analysis

Measure the geometry and properties of cellular or porous materials.

What is Foam Structure Analysis?

Foam structure analysis is a technique that uses CT scanning to measure the geometry and properties of cellular or porous materials, such as foams, honeycombs, or bones.
Foam structure analysis can provide information about the size, shape, distribution, and orientation of the cells or pores, as well as the density, stiffness, and strength of the material.

Foam structure analysis can be used to characterise the material behaviour and performance under various loading conditions, and to optimise its design and manufacturing for various applications.

Discover the Benefits of Foam Structure Analysis

Non-Destructive Evaluation

CT foam structure analysis provides a non-destructive method for examining the internal structure and properties of foam materials. Unlike traditional destructive testing methods, such as cutting or sectioning, CT scanning allows for detailed analysis without altering or damaging the foam sample.


3D Visualisation

This detailed visualization allows researchers and engineers to gain insights into the foam's microstructure and understand how it influences material properties, such as mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, and acoustic performance.

Quantitative Analysis:

CT foam structure analysis enables quantitative measurements of foam properties, such as porosity, density, pore volume, and surface area.

Quality Control and Assurance

By inspecting foam samples for defects, irregularities, or variations in microstructure, manufacturers can ensure consistent product quality, minimize production waste, and meet quality standards and specifications.

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