Fire Investigation

CT can reveal the internal and external features of an object, such as cracks, fractures, holes, burns, char, soot, and melting.

What is Fire Investigation?

CT scanning has been widely used in medicine, engineering, archaeology, and other fields for various purposes. In recent years, CT scanning has also been applied to fire investigation, as it can provide valuable information about the origin and cause of a fire, the damage and deformation of the fire scene, and the identification and preservation of evidence.

By scanning fire-damaged objects or materials, investigators can create digital records that can be used for further analysis or documentation.


Benefits of Fire Investigation

Possible ignition sources

CT can reveal the internal and external features of an object, such as cracks, fractures, holes, burns, char, soot, and melting. These features can help determine the direction and intensity of the fire, the sequence of events, and the possible ignition sources.

Detection and Measurements

It can detect and measure the density, porosity, and moisture content of an object, which can affect its flammability, combustibility, and heat transfer. These properties can help assess the fuel load, fire spread, and fire duration.


Materials and Substances

It helps identify and differentiate the materials and substances present in an object, such as metals, plastics, fibres, liquids, and gases. These materials and substances can indicate the type and nature of the fire, the potential accelerants, and the toxic emissions.

CT preserves original condition

Preserves and documents the original condition of an object, as it does not require any physical manipulation, sampling, or alteration. CT scanning can also create a digital record of the object, which can be stored, shared, and analysed later.

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