Historical Artefacts

A non-invasive technique for preserving and studying ancient objects

Examine Historical Artefacts with CT.

CT scanning can be used to examine historical artefacts, such as fossils, ceramics, and metalwork, without damaging or destroying them. CT scanning can reveal hidden details, such as the composition, morphology, and condition of the artefacts, as well as any defects, repairs, or alterations that may have occurred over time. CT scanning can also help to identify the origin, authenticity, and cultural significance of the artefacts, as well as to reconstruct their original appearance and function.

At OR3D CT, we understand the importance and value of historical artefacts. We offer state-of-the-art CT scanning services that can reveal the hidden secrets and stories of these precious objects, without causing any damage or alteration to them. We can help you explore the internal structure, composition, and condition of your artefacts, as well as their external features and decorations. Whether you are a museum curator, a historian, an archaeologist, or a collector, we can provide you with high-quality CT images and 3D models that can enhance your research, preservation, and presentation of the artefacts.

The benefits of CT scanning Historical Artefacts


CT scanning can show the shape, size, and structure of the fossilised bones, teeth, and shells, as well as the traces of soft tissues, organs, and blood vessels. CT scanning can also help to identify the species, age, and evolution of the fossilised animals and plants, as well as their diet, behaviour, and environment.


CT scanning can show the thickness, density, and porosity of the ceramic vessels, as well as the texture, colour, and decoration of the surface. CT scanning can also reveal the presence of any cracks, repairs, or residues that may have been left by the use or storage of the vessels.

Detailed Analysis

CT scanning provides detailed 3D images of historical objects, revealing internal structures, hidden features, and material composition.

Research and Education

CT scanning facilitates research and education by providing access to digital replicas of historical artifacts. Researchers can study artifacts remotely, share data with colleagues, and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects.

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