DeskTom CT Scanner

DeskTom CT Scanner

The DeskTom X-Ray inspection machine from RX Solutions offers a compact solution for radioscopy, computed tomography and laminography. The small footprint of the system means it can be situated in most offices, making CT a viable solution for companies who would have typically outsourced the technology. The mechanical simplicity of the DeskTom insures maintenance can be kept to a minimum helping to achieve low running costs.

The DeskTom has a voxel resolution of between 4 and 400µm ensuring high fidelity scan data is collected both externally and internally. The data from the DeskTom is used for inspection as well as reverse engineering parts with features and materials that do no suit traditional laser and structured light scanners.

XAct is the name given to the software used with the DeskTom scanner. With powerful post production tools as well as simple intuitive wizards the DeskTom can be used by anyone.

Key Specifications

  • Real time high resolution digital radioscopy
  • 4 axis motion
  • 4 – 400 µm/voxel resolution
  • Full inspection on 25cm long sample
  • Small footprint
  • <800kg
  • Long life time

Example Data

The model below is a mesh created using the DeskTom CT Scanner and XAct software.

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