EasyTom S

EasyTom S

The EasyTom S CT Scanner from RX Solutions is their smallest system available, making it perfect for the office or small lab environment. However, the small size of the system does not limit its scan volume capability. The scanning diameter and height is 185mm x 390mm respectively, making this a very versatile system.

Highly Configurable

The EasyTom S comes with 3 generator options ranging from 110KV to 150KV all of which are low maintenance closed tube systems. The details of the options are listed below.


The 110KV system is perfect for small plastic parts, with a total power output of 16W and a focal spot size down to 2 microns means the smallest details will be captured.


The 130KV system has a much higher power output of 39W while still boasting a small focal spot size of 5 microns. This makes it a perfect system for composites, plastics and some light metals.


The 150KV system is the highest output available with 75W max power while still retaining a small focal spot of 5 microns. Perfect for plastics, composites and light metals.

Flat Panel Detector

As standard the EasyTom S is supplied with a flat panel detector of size 20cm x 25cm, a pixel pitch of 127 microns, resolution of 1920 x 1536 and a frame rate as fast as 60 fps. Although this is the suggested panel, other detectors are available upon request.


All systems from RX Solutions are supplied with their own X-Act software which handles everything from acquisition through to reconstruction.


Radiography is quick and easy with X-Act. Software filters are included to aid sharpness and contrast. The ability to create video sequences is straight forward as is the automation of radio graph arrays. It is also possible to take 3D measurements without the need for CT.


X-Act is supplied with all of the tools to acquire and reconstruct many modes of data capture, without the need to purchase additional modules. Conventional, helical, stack, laminography, continuous and step by step rotation are all included with the system. Black and gain calibrations are fully automatable as well as a wizard mode which guides non-experts through a semi automatic acquisition process.

CT Reconstruction

One may choose to run multiple artefact correction algorithms which are supplied with X-Act. These include, focal sport drift, ring, beam hardening and metal artefact removal.

You can begin reconstruction during an acquisition and quickly create reconstructed test slices to see how options are affecting the reconstruction without the need to fully reconstruct the volume.

Other Systems

Other x-ray inspection machines include the EasyTom and the EasyTom XL. OR3D also offer x-ray inspection as a service. If you have any questions, then please contact us.

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